Godrej Security solutions

One way to keep your residence safe is to install reliable and functional security devices. We, RC Enterprise, would suggest Godrej Security solutions. We sell these security solutions online. Through them, we are able to assist a lot of people to keep pace with modern technology and protect their homes.

Our Godrej security solutions

  • Home alarms – These are intelligent and smart tools for detecting burglars and trespassers when you are not present. Our Godrej security alarm is easy to set up as it does not need an electrician. Once you plug it in and setup the sensors, the system is ready to work. Sensors within the system can detect thieves, glass breakage and fire.
  • Wireless video door phones - These are primary security tools that avert risks and solve the concern of security from the source. They are far better than the obsolete and undependable solutions that were used in the past.
  • CCTV cameras – As you know, these security tools deter thieves and criminals. Godrej’s cameras boast a high capture rate of 25 frames per second and work flawlessly all through the day and at night. Four cameras use a microphone to transmit the footage from different areas of the house.
  • Home electronic safes – These are no longer the out-dated steel cupboards. Electronic home safes from Godrej are as effective as bank lockers are.
  • Personal Locker – This is a compact, portable and safe locker for personal possessions. Goldilocks from Godrej is a personal locker that you have never come across. It’s so adorable and safe.

If you are looking for modern, clever technologies, feel free to give us a call. We boast a pioneering spirit and a lot of respect for our esteemed customers.