Modular Kitchen is a simple term used for the modern-day kitchen furniture layout which is especially designed to optimize functionality and the use of space. These kitchens use various modules (units) of cabinets that are crafted out of diverse materials and hold kitchen accessories inside.

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RS Enterprises is an exclusive dealer of Godrej Interio Modular Kitchens. Godrej Interio offers a kitchen range that can be customized to fit it in with every style of cooking.

Our Modular Kitchens are designed in such a way that the right ingredients are kept at the right place, making sure your cooking experience is hassle free.

  • Protection against exposure to oil and water
  • Durable in a moist kitchen environment
  • No breeding of pests
  • Termite proof
  • High precision factory finished kitchens
  • Easy maintenance
  • 15 year warranty*

Cuisine Regale is a Godrej venture to bring you a kitchen that is Luxurious, Ergonomic, Tastefully designed and personalized to one’s lifestyle.

Form meets function in a collection of masterpieces designed to elevate your kitchen to a work of art. Its exquisite accessories, enhanced features and premium finishes, add to the kitchen’s artistic sensibilities. Bring home a kitchen that will transform every cooking experience into an artistic endeavour.

  • Ergonomic and safe designs
  • Unique and Interesting layout possibilities
  • Tastefully selected colors, finishes and textures
  • Innovative hardware for effortless and noiseless operation
  • Sensor integrated lights for better visibility
  • Seamless integration of appliances
  • Water and termite resistant
  • Seamless transitions that integrate entertainment, relaxing zones and dining spaces